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Woody Flower and Bamboo Research Group
Native Broadleaved Tree Research Group
Exotic Pine Research Group
Paraserianthes falcataria Research Group
Research Group on Camellia Oil
Ecological and Public Forest Research Group
Research Group for Sustainable Control of Pine Wood Nematode
Forest Biopesticide Research Group
Research Group for Natural Enemy of Forest Pest
Research Group for Forest Fire Prevention and Forest Product Chemical Industry
Wood Protection Research Group
Biotechnology Research Group
              Brief Introduction
Guangdong Academy of Forestry(GAF),located in Longdong, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, was founded on December 12, 1958. Its predecessor is Guangdong Forest Research Institute. The Guangdong provincial government approved it to rename as Guangdong Academy of Forestry in 1997 according to Guangdong forestry development strategy.
GAF is a comprehensive, multi-discipline and public welfare forest scientific research institution, with the main task of forest scientific research, technology
development and extension. There are 6 institutes, 1 key laboratory and 1 station of forest product quality supervision and inspection. The research fields cover forest genetics and breeding, silviculture, forest ecology, forest protection, wood processing and utilization, forest chemical, forestry biotechnology, forestry economy and scientific information. GAF possesses a unique arboretum with over 1100 species, a herbarium with 2362 species, a wood specimen collection room with 2156 species and a library with 100,000 books collected. After 50 years since its founding in 1958, GAF's scientific and technological level has been remarkably improved and the comprehensive strength has been increasingly enhanced. As a result, GAF has become a regional forestry research institution with basically complete disciplines, numerous qualified professionals and good research conditions.
There are 175 professional and technical staff, among which 11 persons are professors, 30 with senior engineer title, 23 with middle professional title, 10 of the research staff have PhD degree, 16 supervisors for master degree students, 4 experts enjoying special government subsidy from the State Council. 12 scientific and technological innovation teams such as exotic pine trees, native broadleaved trees and woody flowers, etc have been developed.
GAF has undertaken a series of projects including international cooperation projects, key scientific research and extension projects of state, ministry and province level, and local communities. It has achieved a great progress on tree breeding, silviculture, forest ecological monitoring, forest pests and diseases control, forest fire prevention, biotechnology, wood preservation, further processing of forest chemicals. GAF  has honored with an advantage on research subjects of tree breeding, forest ecology and bio-control of forest pests and diseases in China. More than 107 items of scientific achievement rewards have been obtained since 1985, among which, 9 items are state level rewards, and 66 items are ministry or province level rewards. State Forestry Administration of Chinese Government awarded GAF as the advanced forestry science and technology institution in 2006.
Great importance is attached to international co-operation and academic exchange, GAF has established close cooperation relationship with international organizations and foreign countries such as ITTO(International Tropical Timber Organization), the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan.
In order to strengthen the academy itself as well as its efforts to empower the sustainable forestry development with science and technology, GAF has drawn up a ten- year development master plan to build up its capacity in recent years. Focusing on the strategies target and demand of disciplines development, GAF will pay much attention on the training and introduction of scientists and talents in order to improve the overall capacity and innovation ability of the whole personnel. Nowadays, post graduates training has been conducted jointly with other organizations such as Beijing Forestry University, South China Agricultural University and West South Forestry Colleague. In addition, 3,000 ha forest experiment and demonstration base has been established around Guangdong, in order to extend advanced scientific products and technologies.
With implementation of GAF ten-year development master plan, we are expecting greater achievements in forest research and extension, international cooperation and personnel training in the future. Guangdong Academy of Forestry will play an even more important role in the forestry modernization of Guangdong Province and of China as well.
For further information, please contact: Guangdong Academy of Forestry
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